Lake Howell Final Video

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update: Channel 13 News Story & More...

After contacting our local news channel, News Channel 13, they have responded and are interested in a story on us. They have named us as the 'Central Floridians of the Week' in an upcoming week. We have not gotten all of the details yet as to when they will be filming us or when our segment will air. We will definitely keep you updated on that and hopefully be able to embed our segment right here!

We are also continuing to work on our numerous contacts in our local community, we just sent out a letter to the Mayor of Casselberry, hopefully she will get on board with our efforts to help us get the word out on Act Out Loud. 

Our PSA's are going along well also. We have already filmed the distracted driving one, all we need to do it edit the footage, then upload it right here. After that we will continue working hard on our other four PSA's, as well as all of our other efforts to encourage ever teen to drive safely every time they are at the wheel. 

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