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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why I am eager to participate!

Hi my name is Eyme, I'm a Lake Howell student and I've decided to be part of the Act Out Loud program to help teens across the nation realize the dangers behind driving. 

Everyday while driving I think of the consequences that how a wrong maneuver might endangered my life. I always try to never drive while I'm angry, stressed out, and most important under the influence. Many teens today that drive under the influence have a pretty high chance into getting into an accident, and in some cases even die as a result of drunk driving. 

Another important issue behind car crashes is driving while being angry. Less than a year ago, I knew a girl, who was a graduate of Lake Howell, she had an entire life ahead of her, if I'm not mistaken she was about 20 or 21 years old. I don't really know details but from what I know she was at a fast food restaurant with her friends, they had just come out from a night club. 
She had a fight with her boyfriend and left the place really upset and angry, she got into her car and started driving, while on the way I guessed she realized she wanted to go back and on a red light she did a really fast U-Turn and she did not notice a Hummer that was coming in her direction, the two cars crashed pretty hard, her car was completely destroyed and she died, not sure if it was instant or if it was on the way to the hospital but she did not survive. 

Many people right now might be thinking oh this is not gonna happen to me, I'm always very careful while driving, and thats good, but so was she, until that one day that one wrong move cost her, her life. Thats why I'm here, and I want to help people across the globe realize the dangers behind driving and to watch out for others driving.

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